Bridge the gap and information management between operators, vendors and contractors throughout network planning, commissioning, deployment and testing processes to reach better customer experience.

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Verify quality

Verify, guarantee and utilize delivered quality via standardized task packages, live database based documentation, status reports and value added network performance measurements and reports.

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Anytime anywhere

Our online and mobile solutions enable secure, fast and reliable access to perform end-to-end activities by operators, vendors and contractors no matter when and where you are.

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Better customer satisfaction and lower network maintenance costs.

MDO offers extensive set of tools and reporting capabilities for operators, vendors and contractors to ensure high quality networks for end customers. Our automated and tightly controlled quality assurance solutions will help you to reduce human errors and thus also to lower the operational costs of the network, for instance, through lowered maintenance needs.

Experience improved productivity and quality.

With the help of modern MDO online and mobile solutions you are able to track and react to the current health of your projects, team progress, costs and recent updates quickly. In addition, incorporated automated documentation and database based data management will provide improved productivity and traceability for you.

Easier to use with improved security.

Current project and documentation management practices relying on PowerPoints, Excels and emails introduce slow, unsecure and problematic equation in the respect of version maintenance, searchability and quick-access to your critical network data. Our online MDO hub and mobile clients will provide up-to-date information for you no matter when and where you are.

MDO is brought to you by a strong consortium.

MDO online and mobile solutions are delivered and managed by Versine Ltd. but behind the development and testing are our priority MDO partners Magister Solutions Ltd. and Telog Ltd.. Together we can respond to the needs of complete network life cycle management through our expertise on network and device R&D, analytics, consulting and training as well as hands-on view on network commissioning and deployment processes.